Automated Marketing System Setup


STEP 1: Log in and to start. First you will need a Domain.

The easiest way to set up a domain is to register for a domain in the back office.

When creating a domain name try to make one up that would be relevant.

Once you are logged in click the "Add Your Domain" Button.


STEP 2: Click on the Link "Companies You Promote".

STEP 3: Companies You Promote. 

IMPORTANT: Watch the below video for setup instructions.

Setting up the 2 Dynamic Link for Paraiba and JaszDeep so this funnel system 100% brands to you.




STEP 4: Share Code for this automated Funnel.


Paste this share code 450547-automatedsystem-paraiba-pls in the 'My Sharing Codes' section.

To get there, hover over 'Websites', then click on 'My Sharing Codes'.

Paste in this share code: 450547-automatedsystem-paraiba-pls and then click 'Submit'.

STEP 5: Click on Websites.

'Websites' is a main header across the top.

By now you should have either purchased or transferred a domain and possibly set up a subdomain.

Down a little (after clicking on 'Websites') and look for this drop down menu:

(1) In the dropdown menu for: 'Choose Which Domain To Set Up':
Select the Website You want to use for "Automated System"‚Äč Marketing System.

(2) In the dropdown menu for: 'I want to attract someone to...'
Select: 'become a Prospect  of whatever I want'

Scroll Down to: "Automated System"
Click on:  'Use this one'

Scroll Down to the Bottom of the page and click on:
'Save My Choice'

Step 6: You are Finished

 You are now finished setting up your Lead Capture page, email campaign, and Funnel.
Now give everyone the URL you set up and promote this Marketing System.


Auxiliary Information: More Training

It is important that when setting up a sub-domains that you do not use the www's in a sub-domain.

For additional training roll over "Training" on the Menu Bar and Select "Training Area".

On the Training Page, If you haven't set up an account for the training site click: CREATE USERNAME & PASSWORD but if you have an account then click: CLICK TO LOGIN

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